JP Nagar Folks, Visit This Stall, Run By A Sweet 60-Year Old Uncle, For Brekkie

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What Makes It Awesome

The most homely food one can ever have. Anand, a 60-year old man, manages this small stall selling just two items a day (rotational menu). It's some of the best breakfasts you can have. When we went in at 7:15 am, he was just setting it all up. The menu for the day was Chapathi and Rave idli. Both are made at his home, which is the right opposite where he's set up the stall. As you can understand, since it's homemade, he can only get batches of say six chapathis at once and 20 idlies at once, and he politely asks you to wait. Please do so. I'm not sure how he might manage if a lot of crowds comes in, but I wish a lot of you guys visit him. Totally worth it. The most delicious food that we have had in recent times. A plate costs you INR 30, either two rave idlies or two chapathis in a plate.

His timings are 7:30 am to 10 am. Very clean washing space too. Mobile payment accepted. He's located next to Raja Gobi. You can search for Raja Gobi on Google Maps.


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