Balms, Butters Or Soaps: Hemp Works & Heals, This Brand's Products Are Proof

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What Makes It Awesome

The infamous cannibis plant has made it everywhere and we're loving it most out of a jar and right on to our faces. If you're surprised, don't be. Hemp had pretty much taken the world of beauty and skincare by storm and Ananta Hemp Works is one brand that's feeding the clouds. Their range of personal care products incorporates hemp seed oil, a wonder oil that boasts anti-inflammatory properties, pain-relief, antioxidants and skin healing. All you now have to do is get you a load of hemp from here and let the good skin and hair times roll. 

If you're interested in giving the brand a whirl, head to Shop On LBB and get yourself the Hemp Balm, Hemp Body Butter and the Hemp Soap and Shampoo Bar. We've heard some rave reviews for the same. We're also intriguing by the Muscle and Joint Pain Management Oil with CBD oil or cannabis leaf extract - heaven knows are backs could use some. You must note that every AHW formula is potent and put together only after intense reasearch and trials, a little really goes a long way here. This way you won't have to shell out more money to keeping buying and refreshing the same product in short amounts of time. That said, Anahata Hemp Works' products are fairly priced, mostly between INR 350 to INR 1,050. Use your LBB perks to get an additional discount too!

If you've got furbabies at home, treat them with Anahata's petwell hemp organics range of hemp seed oils for dogs and cats. Available on LBB, this helps boost pet immunity, reduce shedding, keep joins, healthy and more.


or the "and more" side of things, spend some time on the Hemp Works website and educate yourself on the benefits of hemp, hemp seed oil and cannabis. AHW has does a fine job of breaking down benefits and reasons to love hemp for noobs like you and I. 


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