Just Hot Sauce, Naah. Here's Where You Get Entire Spicy Andhra Meals In Town

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Chilli-heavy Andhra food has been one of the city’s favourite cuisines for long. Yes, we know that much of it isn’t authentic but we can’t help it if our taste buds sing with glee (or ghee!) every time a plate of Hyderabadi biryani or a plantain leaf piled with rice, pappu and rasam appears in front of us. Throw in helpings of Gongura chutney and chilli chicken, and our joy knows no bounds. LBB shares a list of Andhra restaurants that sets your palate on fire.

Meghana Foods

The crowds can’t get enough of Meghana Foods so you better be prepared for a long wait before you can grab a table. Once you’ve settled down, however, make the most of your meal with piles of boneless chicken biryani and pair it with their specials like Meghana Chicken 555, Mutton Pepper Fry, and Nati Chicken Fry. The seating in their outlets is more of a family setup but you can also come alone, grab a table for two and get all intimate with their biriyani. Trust us, you'll be left in tears when the sojourn ends. 


Since 1984, Nagarjuna is one of Bangalore’s favourite places for their lightly spiced biryani (choose the mutton version, the meat just falls off the bone), their equally delicious Andhra meals and plates of their super spicy Chilly Chicken. We can even talk at length about their meals which provide the perfect dose of spice and satisfaction. Pair up these meals with a plate of their Chicken 65 and you're set for lunch. 


A visit to Bheema’s is sure to leave you a few pounds heavier. Try their Andhra meals where ladles of hot pappu or dal cooked in greens and vegetables are scooped onto your plate along with heaps of rice. The Chicken 65 and the slices of fried seer fish round off your meal well. For all the details on why Bheema’s is awesome, you can have a read here.


Over the years, Swathi’s immense popularity has led them to start off many outlets across the city. Stop by any of them and order up plates of their fragrant biryani, their succulent Chicken Kakinada and their spice-loaded Chilly Chicken (it’s one of the best in the city, we've heard. 

Hotel Annapoorna

This age-old restaurant has been dishing out knockout Andhra dishes since forever. From their limited menu, try their biryani (they have chicken and mutton versions), Nati Fry, and slices of seer fish for a happy meal. Served on banana plantain and with a humble, no frills ambience, a meal will not set you back more than INR 250 per person. 

Kritunga Restaurant

Choose from their long line up of biryanis (Nattukodi, Palnadu Mutton, Prawns and even Drumstick) or get their Rayalaseema specials that includes Paya, Natukodi Pulusu and Gutti Vankaya (a dish made from brinjals). They also have a whole lot of offal offerings that you need to try. 

Nandhana Palace

Nandhana Palace evokes just one memory in our heads, comforting bowl of ghee rice, pudi and the palya (veggie) of the day (although the rice and the pudi suffice). Well as you would have guessed, this palace offers comforts the likes of Andhra meals and Chicken Kababs. There's also a list of North Indian and Chinese food you can pick from. Whatever you order, we assure you a flavour explosion.  

Pro Tip

While there are the Andhra meals that we've famously professed here in this list, many of you might consider your Hyderabadi Biriyani to be the star of the cuisine. And to give you more options for these meaty rice preps, read here


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