Activate Beast Mode With The Animal Flow Workout At This New Indiranagar Fitness Hub

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If you are looking to skip the usual gym routine, the basic strength and conditioning training or just getting started with your fitness goals, we have two words for you: Animal Flow. Where to learn this? At the newly opened Academy Of Strength in Indiranagar, which is the brawnchild of Devrath Vijay (you probably might know him as Ninja Dev) and Suhail Mohammed. If it's the first time you are hearing about the workout, don't worry, it's also supposedly the first time that it's being introduced in Bangalore. 

We sweated it out one morning to give you details on this super cool, but intense workout regime. The whole workout all about improving your strength, flexibility (which is super crucial if you didn't know already), and coordination. Our trainer for the day was Suhail and without throwing us into the deep end of this animal flow pool, his session was more about understanding our own physical and mental strengths. While this writer had a tight hamstring (caused due to excessive hours of just sitting on his bum, the writer's editor, on the other hand, was flexible like a rubber band). This was showcased by various mini exercises that Suhail made us to. 

Once we got to the main part, where you need to activate the beast mode (it's a move by the way), we realised how intense the workout can be. Basically, the workout mimics various moves of animals and the idea is to seamlessly flow into one form after the other. Somewhere in between failing miserably, this writer pulled off what's called a Side Kickthrough. It's a pretty badass move. Just Google it and check! 


Academy Of Strength is also one of the first fitness centres in Bangalore that has an American Ninja Warrior circuit as well. You should try it. We didn't. We didn't even try. 


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