This Grandma Bakes Outstanding Tea Cakes, Muffins & You've Got To Order

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Anu Bakes, based in Bangalore, is my new favourite home baker, and with good reason too. Apart from winning over her grandsons' hearts with it comes to cakes and cookies, she has certainly got my vote - heart and tummy! Serving up fresh tea cakes, loaves, brownies and muffins, the quality of her ingredients really shows in the finished product. I ordered an apple and cinnamon tea cake that was fantastic. It’s dense but fluffy, and is as fragrant as you’d expect. The cinnamon was just the right amount of sharp taste to add flavour to the sweet apple chunks - perfect for any time of the year, but especially winter time. I also sample the lychee tea cake. Light, refreshing and again, with chunks of lychees to keep it moist. Perfect with a cup of tea or coffee, I also think it’s a great substitute for creamy birthday cake.

She also makes banana muffins (with jaggery, if you want to walk the healthy path), sea salt brownies which I am told are divine, as well as fresh strawberry cakes. Pumpkin and pineapple cakes are also part of Anu’s menu.


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