Ten-Second Takeaway

It’s Bangalore made immortal with brush strokes, thanks to one spectacularly talent artist – the inimitable Paul Fernandes. From original works to those now on apparel and decor, this one’s a real gem.

What Is It?

Nestled in the green neighbourhood of Richards Town, this quaint gallery offers an unapologetic walk down the memory lanes of beautiful old Bangalore. And that is all courtesy artist and absolute gentleman, the perpetually smiling Paul Fernandes’ brush strokes.

After you take in the tales associated with Bangalore in the 70s, {Impees, Koshys, jackal’s wedding on Brigade Road among others}, you can enjoy the other collections, such as the vintage Mumbai series, Mangalorean family scenes, and a Goan holiday. Done? Great! Now you can take this art home: either as framed prints to hang on your wall, or a host of other options.

Who Is It For?

Bangaloreophiles {Isn’t that a word, yet?}, fans of that other lovely city {meaning Bombay}, the artistic minded, lovers of a good tale, anyone looking to gift themselves or others something unusually beautiful. It’s also for people who are a throwback to a gentler, more peaceful time.


Must Admire

Old Bangaloreans will remember with great fondness the Sillycon Valley and Shineboards series of posters. These still dot the landscape at places like Red Fork Café. Book lovers might rifle through their copy of Peter Colaco’s Bangalore: A Century Of Tales From City And Cantonment, with laugh out loud illustrations. Both are the handiwork of Paul Fernandes. With great love and gentleness, he brings to life all things bright and beautiful about Bangalore… and now, also Mangalore, Mumbai and Goa.

The illustrations have very recognisable characters: the young couple all decked up in party togs at East station; the lady of the house, checking eggs for freshness by dipping them in a bowl of water; the driver with the ‘L’ board, the young boy whizzing by on a bicycle, snatching the cop’s hat outside Cubbon Park police station; the couple on a motorbike and sidecar — the colours are vivid, bright and awash in glorious light, much like Bangalore of yore. Basically, these are all time turners!

What We Love


Everything! No, really. Go there to take home a slice of old Bangalore, either as art prints of South Parade or Victoria Hotel or perhaps plaques showing off Garden City. For more function stuff, laptop bags with ducks at the Frazer Town underbridge, coffee mugs depicting the turbaned waiter from Indian Coffee House, or coasters, bookmarks and posters of bikes and Ambassador cars from the 70s, should do the trick. Oh! Or the spectacle cases showing Plaza theatre! There are also some beautifully crafted coffee table books. Bangalore from the 70s has the stories accompanying the art, and On A High Note is a cheeky and inebriated take on classical music. Once you step in, you will forget all about KR Puram, the ubiquitous malls, potholes, and be transported to a beautiful time, when, as per one of their most charming prints, “The chaps in Bangalore were always polite and pleasant.

Price: INR 150 upwards

You can also buy it online here.

Photos: aPaulogy Gallery