7 Must-Have Apps That Will Make Your Life Easy in Bangalore

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Moving to a new city often comes with its own set of challenges. How do I find an apartment without having to chase down brokers? Is there a way I could get rent a recliner {a must have for that perfect reading nook} for just three months? Are there any new interesting restaurants or cafes around? Is there a way I could save myself the trouble of having to go about in circles looking for a parking space in this bustling city? These are some of the questions that are bound to trouble you during your initial days in Bangalore. But fret not, for we bring you a list of seven must-have apps {LBB included} that will help you settle right in while having you covered on all your necessities.


Given the pace at which Bangalore runs, it is no surprise that time is of utmost essence in this city. And mundane chores such as cooking a meal can eat into your work time, or even your play time. After all, with a ton of workshops to attend, live music gigs to groove to, new restaurants to try, who has the time to cook up a wholesome breakfast? Enter the Brekkie app. Staying true to the spirit of the ever pulsating city of Bangalore, the Brekkie app delivers delicious, wholesome food to people across Bangalore, every morning. They have even got funky little food carts that you can just walk up to and grab a Brekkie bag and zoom off to work.

Download the app on here and iOS here.


Bangalore has a good number of cafes that not only serve scrumptious food, but are also happy to serve remote workers with their steady supply of caffeine and free WiFi. Discover such places around you and connect to them in one tap (that’s right, no more of chasing down OTPs and filling out long webforms) with the WiFire app. Whether you are looking for cafes to work out of or free WiFi networks to connect to in order to check up on the latest updates on Facebook, the WiFire app is sure to connect you to a free and secure WiFi network in every nook and corner of Bangalore.

Download the app on Android here and iOS here.

Little Black Book

In a city that is bustling with things-to-do and places to go to, keeping up with everything that’s happening around you can be quite a tough task to master. Whether you are looking for poetry slam events or carpentry workshops to join up for or interesting cafes to go visit, one app that can help you with all of that and more is LBB. Right from what’s happening around you, to things you should give a try and things you can give a miss, the LBB app is a surefire way to discovering and keeping up with your city.

Download the app on Android here and iOS here


If you think there could be nothing as tiring as the notorious traffic jams of Bangalore, you are definitely in for a surprise once you start looking for a parking space. Enter Plonk, an app that saves you from the hair-tearing task of find parking spaces in Bangalore.  The app lists out a number of garage spaces or building lots that are vacant in real time, and provides users with other details such as the fees, the kind of space and even ratings from fellow drivers. Once you arrive at your chosen parking spot, you can scan a QR code {on your way in and way out} that’s provided there and even make a payment via Paytm.

Download the app on Android here and iOS here.


One of the most unnerving things about moving to a new city is having to put up with the hassle of finding an apartment for yourself. A monumental task that becomes all the more tough if you are a single girl. Whether you are looking for a furnished room or home for rent, the NestAway app will help you move-in, pay your rent, and ask for maintenance services such as plumbing work or appliance repair etc., in a breeze. With the NestAway app, you can choose from a list a ready to move-in houses that fall within your budget and just walk in with your suitcase.

Download the app on Android here and iOS here


Found your perfect home in the city, now how about furnishing it? Especially if you are looking to furnish your apartment with some top notch equipment. Enter Furlenco, an app that allows you to rent out furniture on a monthly subscription. The best part about it is that each piece of furniture comes as a package of perfectly matched accessories, soft furnishings and home decor. And to top it all they even ship furniture in about 72 hours, and set-it up in a heartbeat at absolutely no cost.

Download the app on Android here.


When it comes to partying, we all have that one friend who has to stay sober while the rest of us party hard, just so that he/she can drive us back home safely. The DriveU app allows you to hire a driver in just a few taps. Once you have set your location and time, the app will assign a driver to you. You can even track the assigned driver in real time. Once the driver reaches the assigned location, you can just hand over the car keys and he will drive you to your destination. The fares start at INR 89 per hour. Once you’ve reached your destination, you can stop the ride and pay via the app {cashless} or in cash.

Download the app on Android here and iOS here.


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