Load Up On More Than Just Pita And Hummus At Arabic Restaurant Shebestan

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Located in the winding floors of the Sterlings Mac Hotel on Old Airport Road, enter one of the best kept Arabian restaurants in the city.

Chow Down

Koussa Mehshi – zucchini stuffed with lamb with herb rice, chicken shwarma and the moussaka.

Sip On

The Turkish coffee

Winning For

The platters and mezze selections

Lowdown On Ambience

Set up to resemble an exotic Arabian tent, with mirror work, camel motifs and sparkly cut-glass lanterns, you’ll feel like you’ve been thrown into Agrabah {er, Aladdin reference guys}. Evoking a Moroccan sojourn, complete your meal with a round of shisha and Arabian music.

What’s On The Menu

While it’s a feat to pronounce more than half the dishes with ease, there is more to this place than the standard falafel, hummus and babaganoush. Try the platters that are served with rice, the simple Labneh Bil Thoum {that is yogurt and garlic} to Mouhammara, a divine puree of walnuts, capsicum, pomegranate and olive oil. We also really like the Shorbet Adas, a classic red lentil soup with a heavy dose of lemon zest. Even a simple rice dish is not spared the grandeur, which is basmati rice served with onion, red cloves and rose water. Meat lovers, try the The Bahmiya bil Lahema, served with Arabic rice with mutton that beautifully falls off the bone.

The sweet meat menu is twice as grand with our favourites being the Baklawah — layered puff pastry glazed in sugar and rose syrup with almonds and pistachios. Or try the other form of this which is the Umali mixed with condensed milk and coconut cream.

So, We’re Thinking

It’s clear you need to arrive with a gluttonous appetite, to get a taste of the Middle East. A list of choices to spoil you, that would test even the staunchest of Arabian food connoisseurs.


They sampler sections with platters that serve a little bit of everything — so if you’re confused, these should sort you out.