Drop By Arbab In Bnadra For Authentic Lebanese Cuisine

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What Makes It Awesome?

Arbab, the little gem blew me away with authentic Lebanese cuisine. Maybe top 3 in Mumbai and no Doubt about that. Lovely Location - simple decor, lively, conceived menu. USP = Pricing. Just Perfect. Ingredients = sourced from abroad, end result = Top notch.

Started with the Lemon and Mint - Citrusy/Tangy/Refreshing. Took me to the Middle East. Perfect. No flaws.

Skipped the Soup. Opted for Fattoush, Levantine Middle Eastern salad (Syria) Toasted pieces of Khubz with mixed greens/lemon juice/olive oil. Balance perfect. Taste - Citrusy/Sour (sumac)

-Falafel Salad: Something different. Fresh/crunchy. It's all about crispy falafel pieces with fresh lettuce feta/pita chips a bit of tahini dressed in lemon. Had the Crunchiness at the same time gave the tahini hit and citrusy touch from lemon and saltiness from the feta. Balanced it well.
-Cold Mezze: Small portions of Beirut Hummus with parsley/garlic and lemon. Good. Baba Ganush - loved the smokiness of the chargrilled eggplant. A bit of veggies pomegranate to get that sweetness and lot of olive oil. (Authentic)
-Pesto Hummus/Chilly Hummus/Avocado Hummus: All the 3 had a lovely texture and the elements mentioned were spot on. Loved the Chilli hummus. Balance of all the 3 was perfect.
-Arbab Special Batata Harra: This was comfort food. Had with the hot Pita bread (In house) A bit of coriander lemon juice and chilli paste. Had that spicy tangy touch.
-Chicken Shawarma: Must have. Traditional Lebanese dish made well. Juicy with spices. Served with Home cut fries/pickles and garlic sauce. Go for it. Mini meal.

A small portion of Grilled selection (Non-veg) Shish Taouk, tender/juicy/balanced well. Char-grilled chicken (boneless cubes) marinated in spices. Had a good balance and texture served with fries and garlic sauce.
-Lamb Tikka: Another lovely dish marinated well served in skewers. However, I liked the Lamb Kebab (minced meat) rusty texture (so Middle Eastern) this was marinated in the Middle Eastern spices served with onions and pickles.

One has to try the Rehash - Grilled Lamb Chops (chef - amazing) freshly marinated. Grilled to perfection. Enough meat. High-quality Lamb rack chops. Marinated well. All the above were served with onions and Grilled Vegetables.

Tried the Homemade Manikesh (authentic flatbread) with Zattar. Had a lovely sheen and texture. Taste - subtle.

Ended with Baklava: Loved the texture and the taste. Just perfect. No flaws. Mahalabia - something different. Middle Eastern Pudding. One can play around with ingredients. Go for it.

Overall - in love with this place. Would be back soon.

Ps. By the way the chef is from Lebanon with 30 years of experience and apparently the elder brother of one of the Lebanese chefs working at a leading 5-star property in India. Keep up the good work.

Service was fantastic - Thanks, team. Cheers.