Are You Craving Yummy Bagels? Do Check Out This Place!


    You know how the best places are the one fewer people are aware of? Bagel lore happened to be that  a place for me. I came across this hidden gem in New Bel road on a today's lunch, was Craving for bagel so I searched online and placed the order

    Poppy & seasome bagels - I tried with honey almond, garlic and herbs cream cheese with the chilli jam taste was so good

    BLT -  classic bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich upgraded with bacon jam and tastes super delicious

    egg salad sandwiches - creme mayo sauce with a hint of spices and a perfect complement to hard-boiled egg. I can say this bagel is a show stopper.

    pepperoni pizza bagel - it was so cheesy, crispy, extremely delicious. I loved each and every bite of it.

    Bagels are quite filling and super delicious

    Do visit this place to have Drool-worthy bagels.

    So many varieties of bagels are available

    Bagels are very delicious. Contactless delivery.

    Pocket friendly menu

    This place is highly recommended

    Overall my meal experience was delightful and i enjoyed it