These Herbal Shots Will Be Your Very Own Armour Against Hangovers!

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What Makes It Awesome

Not many moons ago, alcohol consumption was a weekend affair. We'd all patiently wait for those long lazy days to go all out. Basically, one could afford a hangover on the weekend. Fast forward to today, unwinding over a couple of drinks on a weekday is the norm. So is sometimes waking up with a pesky hangover. 

Ah ha! Not anymore. You can now enjoy a drink any day, anytime and wake up fresh as a peach, raring to take on the world and you will have ARMR (pronounced Armour) to thank for this. This Indie beverage brand has created a natural anti-hangover shot that is all herbal and is clinically proven to help prevent hangovers. What do you have to do? Just buy yourself a ton of these shots and chug one before your first drink (a couple of drinks down works too) for a hangover free morning. In short, ARMR up if you're a hustler at heart and a guzzler at large. These 100% herbal shots come in three flavours - Blackberry, Lemon and Apple.

The brand states that they have brought together the "traditional science of Ayurveda and the modern art of responsible indulgence". This reflects in the traditional ingredients (ashwagandha, kasni, aloe vera, bhringraj, green tea, saunf) and the modern flavours. It's all natural, vegetarian, sugar-free and we also hear that it keeps your liver happy. We'll drink to that, cheers!


A pack of nine 60ml ARMR shots cost INR 900. Order via their website and your crate delivered anywhere in the country. They have a discount running presently.


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