Load Up On Sustainably Sourced Groceries And Snacks At This Organic Grocery Chain

2018 Interested |


Arogya Organic, a chain of organic stores truly embodies the farm to table philosophy by opening up a cafe next to their JP Nagar store for a farm to store to table experience. 

What Makes It Awesome

Bringing tradition, sustainability, fair trade and health focused products all under the same roof, the brand started by three IT professionals want to go back to the ways of old (the good bits) to help consumers have a better quality of life while emphasising on conscious and ethical consumption of food, and household products. 

Brightly lit stores with all their products clearly visible (and arranged in a way that you can actually touch and feel the quality of produce) you get exactly what you pay for. They obviously sell millet as it is endemic to Karnataka, seasonal and locally available fruits and veggies, A2 Milk (milk from Desi cows) and dairy products, a variety of high fibre rice including black, brown, and red rice, free range (unfertilised) eggs, and cold pressed oil. Most of them are from the Arogya Organic brand, but you’ll also find a limited stock of products from other brands. Apart from staples, find healthy snacks like breakfast cereals, chips (healthy because it’s baked, not fried), juices, preserves and jams, dips and chutneys (for those chips we know you’ll buy), honey, jaggery and dried fruit. 

The store in JP has a small cafe attached that serves up some healthy goodness in the form of snacks made from products available at the store (if you’re looking to switch up your diet, ask the chefs for tips and recipes to make healthy food taste good). The menu is South Indian, so find bisi bele bath or pongal made of millet, dosas with a mixed grain batter, crispy vadas, and fresh juices in decent portions and reasonable prices. Of course, if you want something just for a rainy evening or for those 4pm munchies, you'll find crispy fried veggies, or pakodas depending on the menu for the day.

What Could Be Better

Since they make their food fresh, dishes are only available till the ingredients are.


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