T-Shirt Canvas: This Label Has Cool Tees With Funky And Original Artwork On Them

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What Makes It Awesome?

ArtBlot is one cool brand that's all about supporting artists and their creations. They do this by partnering and creating a community of independent artists who create cool and totally funky original designs. These same designs are then transferred onto their on to their range of round neck t-shirts for men and women. The designs, which range from abstract to geometric and hip to retro, are one of a kind, so you have the option of standing out and wearing something totes unique. Millennials, this is your brand for indie clothing.

You will also love the fact that every time you shop for the product, a royalty fee is paid to the artist who's created the design. See you are doing more than just showing off the artist's creations. One of the artist's that I'm digging is Soul Stir Art who does mandala art designs that have a very trippy and psychedelic colour scheme. There's also Copy Cat, another artist who's whimsical illustrations are on the quirky side. Think three-eyed cats and cartoony people.

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