Solve Puzzles And Walk Through An Art Maze At The Cubbon Park Metro Station Thanks To This Group

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Art In Transit, an initiative by Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, is putting up artwork all over the Cubbon Park Metro Station for you to stop, stare, and be a part of a story.

Art In A Metro

Metro stations don’t always have to be a place where you simply wait for your train to come. It could be a place where at 8-minute intervals, you could play puzzle through an artwork installed there. Well, you could now at the cool, colourful anamorphic art installation at the Cubbon Park Metro Station. Bet you didn’t know that. Done by an ex-Shristi student, Saksham Verma, the artwork has you walking through a maze using the mirror around the pillar to reconstitute the image and solve the puzzle under the 8-minute mark. Trust us, it’s fun enough to do with friends or solo, and worth missing that train while you are at it. But that’s just one of the many artworks in the metro station.

Storytelling Through Art

The idea behind the initiative is to connect the city and people through art. Art that’s either in the form of the anamorphic maze that you read earlier or as an installation such as the multifunctional furniture, made with thick wooden slats you can sit on, lean against, or even lie down on when there’s zero crowd. If you are exiting {or entering} through the Cubbon Park side of the station, take the stairs. A short story is written on the stair risers — read it from the top or bottom, it’s still a story worth reading.

Next to the same staircase is a large mural that captures the evolution of Bangalore from a Garden City to an ‘IT’ city through vivid greens and mundane greys. We say, you need to see it to experience it. Another artwork you will notice when exiting through the Cubbon Park Side is that of Fabrice Grolaire. The artist draws inspiration from that Sir Mark Cubbon {after whom the park was renamed} on his horse and the drilling machines that were used during the construction of the metro. You’ll notice a part of this artwork when you are heading out of the tunnel towards Baiyappanahalli as well.

A Bit More Than Art As Well

The whole metro station is filled with artwork and no, it’s not restricted to just the Cubbon Park side but all the way to the Chinnaswamy Stadium side as well. But along with the artworks, you will see a bit of Kannada poems, chalkboards for you to write anything and everything, and Kannada words spread around as well. The poems have been curated by the initiative as a part of their previous series of festivals and walks. Holograms and augmented reality workshops, curated walks around the station, and Instagram meet ups are also part of the initiative.

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