Seasoned Artistes To DIY Enthusiasts, This Art Supplies Store Near CKP Has It All

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Outside Bangalore’s art hub, Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath, is a small little art store packed with stationery and supplies. Art Materials, as the store is aptly named, has everything an art enthusiast could want from sketchbooks to washi tape.

What Makes It Awesome

A little arts and crafts nook right outside the fine arts college, Art Materials is stocking up on quality art supplies for everyone from beginners to professional artists, painters and even sculptors. From carving tools to markers, you’ll be amazed at the range of supplies this small shop holds. We found charcoal pencils, crafting scissors, sketchboooks and tubes of paint and pencils in every colour we could think of and this is just a few of the thing they sold here.

They also stock washi tape in pretty prints that are sure to up your handmade greeting card game and the quality of your DIY projects. You can also find international brands Fiskars and Sharpie here that are usually hard to get a hold of. Most of their products are imported and so the prices are much steeper than your neighbourhood stationery store but you’re paying for a quality product. Having said that, they have sets of drawing pencils starting at as low as INR 50 and paints for INR 25 available, so budget shoppers are sure to find merch here too well within their price range.

Over Twenty years old now, the store apparently has a loyal customer base of art enthusiasts from the fine arts students nearby to long-time patrons that flock to it to it every day. The friendly store owner and assistants are always there to help you find exactly what you need. With materials for artists, crafters, sculptors and even fashion designers, whatever the art need of the hour, this is the place that’ll have you sorted. Head own down there to give their stuff a browse and maybe pick up a brush or two.


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