Artisanal Fresh Pasta Now Not Just In Italy! Check Out This Outlet!

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What Makes It Awesome?

These days am accidentally bumping into handmade pasta places. Last week it was Chutney marise this week it’s The Artisanal Pasta Company Which Italian cuisine fanatic can say no to a well made fresh ravioli that too a limited edition special Broccoli Parmesan & Pepper Cream Cheese from The artisanal pasta company.

Extra Thanks To These Folks for obliging to my request to send some fresh sage for me to toss the ravioli along with some butter, but they also did something even more special. Sent two tasting portions of tomato basil sauce & Aglio E Olio, for more options to toss these handcrafted, artisan ravioli. Their limited edition Broccoli & Parmesan is something that I loved for its simplicity and execution. While I tried these artisanal ravioli in both the recommend sauces, I started with just the Aglio e olio version that was just pure deliciousness.

The Tomato Basil Toss From The DIY Pasta Kit was tangy and delicious. If you taste just the sauce, it’s just tangy and too much of a tickle to your taste buds. When tossed with the creamy ravioli, the balance forms magically in your palate that’s not just enjoyable, but let’s you are crave for another bite. But I am a greedy soul, and still waiting to make the classic pair. Fresh sage and butter toss to this fantastic artisanal Braised Garlic Broccoli Parmesan Shavings & Pepper Cream Cheese Ravioli.

There is something about replicating classics, I was able to cook myself freshly made pasta, courtesy The artisanal pasta company tossed beautifully in a browned butter sauce and fresh sage right at home. The filling was Broccoli Parmesan Shavings & Pepper Cream with garlic and hence I avoided adding garlic to the browned butter sauce, just fresh sage. I loved the way the sage-infused butter complemented the beautifully cooked ravioli, for the flavours to stay true and not getting overpowered with the other sauces I tried this ravioli with (check out my previous posts). This simple classic is my favourite sauce out of the three I tried and I highly recommend it to you too.

This place comes highly recommended and you must try them. Their menu keeps changing, with a few regulars, always available.

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