We Found A Secret Living Room On Comm Street Where A Couple Dishes Out Kal Dosas And Idlis

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Ashok’s and his wife’s pocket-friendly kitchen inside their living room is one of those hidden gems that make Commercial Street extra special. Plus, the idlis they make are to die for.

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What Makes It Awesome

Ashok’s Living Room Kitchen (we are calling it that) is one of those hidden gems that make that trip to Commercial Street worthwhile even if you didn’t score a bargain. Primarily serving idlis, and four kinds of kal dosa — plain, benne, benne masala, and masala — the Living Room Kitchen looks like any other street-cart kitchen. Except that it’s in the living room and that instead of sofas, you have a bench and stool inside to sit and indulge in your plate of happiness (read fluffy idlis). 
Start off with half a plate of idlis {a full plate has four} and make sure that you ask more for of the piquant tomato-onion chutney that Ashok wouldn’t mind piling on your plate. Once you are done mopping up the last of the chutney with the melt-in-your-mouth idlis, it’s time for your dose of dosa. Unlike the crispy dosas that you get, these are slightly thicker and crunchy around the edges — almost like how this writer’s mom makes, so a definite winner. If you are still hungry, order another round of idlis. With extra chutney, of course. In any case, you won’t shell out more than INR 50 for a hearty meal. 

What Could Be Better

Finding the place can be a bit tricky, but the location we have added is right next door, so you are good to go. 


The kitchen opens at 4pm every day and stays open until around 8.30-9pm. We suggest visiting the place around opening hours as it usually gets crowded around 6pm with many patrons coming in for the dose of kal dosa or getting idlis packed. 


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