Auntie Fung Brings Yum South East Asian Street Food To Namma Bengaluru!

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Say Hello to Auntie Fung, the one who promised to bring a cart full of her hearty goodness from the streets of SouthEast Asia. This menu was sent to me by this friendly Vietnamese auntie, who carefully curated a well-planned menu with some of her and my favorites. Auntie knew my preference for Thai cuisine and ensured that I start off my meal with something that is from the land of smiles. However she ensured that I tried something new and not your typical Thai fare, and sent Thai Chili Coconut Prawns from the streets of Bangkok right to my home in Bengaluru. The prawns were fresh and super succulent, cooked in a flavorsome red curry paste, and the Thai flavors were spot on, with that tinge of overpowering lemongrass. I absolutely loved each of the perfect bite, and would highly recommend to anyone who is crazy over, the flavors from the land of Thailand.

When you say South East Asia, it predominantly is dominated by China and instead of sending something off beat from the land of the great wall, Auntie Fung curated a delicious Thai twist to an authentic Chinese bao. The Bao’s were perfect, they were superbly airy, extremely light, and fluffy steamed clouds, that had a Thai Sriracha marinated chicken filling on a bed of pickled veggies. Everything about this Bao and the filling was just perfect and with this portion size, it could have easily passed off as a main course for me.

Burmese Cuisine is a beautiful amalgamation of various regions of Myanmar, which in turn have been heavily influenced by the neighboring cuisines of China, India and Thailand. And one of the most popular dishes of Burmese Cuisine is the Khow Suey, a comforting noodle soup made with a coconut milk broth with a dominating meat. There are usually other condiments that are added to customize the soup to one’s taste, but a big squeeze of lemon is usually a non-negotiable add-on that gives it that tangy twist.
The Khow Suey though might have originated in Burma, but has travelled through the streets of east India and have even influenced the memon community of Pakistan, with an adaptation called Khausa.

The Khow Suey sent by Auntie Fung’s was a delicious replication of the Burmese favorite, the curry broth was mildly flavored, and apart from the beautifully cooked chicken, there were some delicious veggies as well in the broth. There is a lemon half, and sliced egg, provided in the side, do give the broth a taste before you squeeze in the lemon, you may not need it.

The way you create the dish is by adding a bit of the noodles in a bowl, throw in few of the condiments provided, and pour the hot curry broth over, and give it a good stir before you devour a mouthful.

What followed the Khow Suey was a delicious Pho from the land of Vietnam. Phở or pho, the national dish of Vietnam is a flavorsome thin broth, with noodles, herbs and a protein like chicken. Usually the pho is served with several garnishes, that include Thai Sweet Basil, Thai Chilies, lemon wedge, bean sprouts, coriander leaves, and sometimes even chili oil or hoisin sauce. You can add these into the broth to customize and adjust the pho, to more suit to your taste.

Auntie Fung is from the land of Vietnam, so I was more curious about trying her Vietnamese Pho. There were no separate garnishes, they were all premixed to this beautifully simmered broth with the noodles. The flavors were absolutely spot on, extremely deep, and layered in taste. It was an extremely satisfying meal, though I would have preferred a little more of that punch from herbs that I am used to. Out of the few restaurants that do pho justice, Auntie Fung’s is definitely one of them and I would highly recommend them for their pho.

Overall Auntie Fung’s did not disappoint me at all and she ensured that the South East Asian fare is as authentic as it can be, heavily recommended, especially for all the small bites, they were simply astounding, do try and share your views in comments.

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