This Restaurant Is Worth A Visit For Their Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine

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What Makes It Awesome?

Vietnamese cuisine has derivations from many countries like Portugal, France, the Netherlands from the colonial period, modern methods of cooking and the war also has to lead to new dishes like crispy noodles etc. Vietnam also has Indian influence in their cooking with spice mixtures. From North to South, there is a difference. In Bangalore, we directly head to Hanoi Restuarant named after the capital city of Vietnam, where the Chef and the owner Diep Vu us from Hanoi.

Hanoi is not a new place for Koramangala people or Vietnamese food enthusiasts. Here, they serve authentic Vietnamese food. Vietnamese food consists of five fundamental tastes and they have been achieved here.

When the Chicken meatball soup arrived on the table, the aroma of the Chicken broth engulfed in me. The soup was boiled in a broth of minced meat and vegetables. One amazing soup without any artificial flavours. Okra soup was again delightful.

Green Mango Salad is an absolute delicacy with fish sauce, the sauce blends in very well with the mangoes and the addition of peanuts gives it a perfect crunch.

Rice paper rolls are a typical Vietnamese dish where rice is rolled with prawns or a veg patty. This can be termed as Vietnamese Sushi
Sizzling fish is the most relatable dish where the fish was cooked perfectly and the sauces take a toss on your tongue. Crispy water chestnuts is a must try and lemongrass chicken is too awesome with a dominant flavour of lemongrass on soft marinated chicken.

Coming to the Main Course, Pho is a dish with a patty of chicken and rice noodle base. The broth with it is amazingly awesome. Vietnamese Crispy Noodles is another delicacy where spiced vegetables with egg or chicken are added.

Che Thai is one of the best desserts I've ever had. The coconut milk-based dessert with pomegranates and tutti fruits and other fruits makes it a healthy affair.

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