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There's No Place Like Home

What if you could eat a home-cooked regional meal in the company of a bunch of other foodies? Authenticook, a food experience company is helping you do just that! All you have to do is sign up on their website, pick from a list of home-cooks who are willing to host you, and then book a meal with them right in their homes! Currently, there are home chefs offering Oriya, Bihari, Bengali, Mysore and Gowda cuisines. All meals come with a welcome drink, a main course with vegetarian and non-vegetarian variants, accompaniments, and dessert. Phew! Better not eat breakfast if you’re planning on booking one of these. 

Meet And Eat

The Authenticook experience revolves around having a personal connect to your food. When you meet the person making your meal for you, you learn a lot more about what you’re eating. Some of the hosts even plan fun activities based on the land the cuisine comes from. You also get to meet a bunch of other people who have booked the same meal on that date. What better way to make friends who share your love for food? You can also book a meal for a group of you, which definitely sounds better than going to a restaurant and not being able to decide what to eat. All Authenticook meals are from a set menu decided by the host themselves.

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Going Regional

Upcoming meals in Bangalore include Calcutta Diaries that will include some signature Bengali dishes like mustard fish curry, Chingri Diye Alu Kumro {prawns}, Cholar Dal, Luchi, Aloo Jhinge Poshto, a Mediterannean Dinner which will have a mezze platter, paella and fresh guacamole, and even an authentic Mysore meal that’s expected to load you up with Kosambari, beans paly, vangi bath and of course, holige.


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