AutoExpress Food Auto For Their Hotdogs With Fresh Bread And Unique Sauces

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AeExpress offers funky looking autos that go around Bangalore {and also in Hyderabad} dishing out hotdogs. They have ten of these carts in Bangalore alone.

Who Is It For?

Those who like fast food of course. These guys also have fresh bread and really unique sauces that they slather onto their hotdogs.

What's The Ambience Like?

These is a street food cart and auto rolled into one. The ambience is definitely street and all the chaos that street life brings with it.

Must Eat

Their hotdog drizzled with their Insane sauce — a fiery, red-chilli based mayo sauce. Equally good are Rebel, a zesty mustard sauce and Tripper, a tangy number made with tamarind and black salt.

How Was My Experience?

Quick service coupled with tasty hotdogs smeared with fun sauces. This is a good option for a quick bite.


They also a mini hotdog if you don’t want a regular one.


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