Ayur Bars: Check out these Chocolate Bars, With An Ayurvedic Twist!

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Ayur Bars

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What Makes This Awesome?

Ayur Bars is one of India’s first Ayurvedic chocolates. If you’re someone who can’t say no to chocolate but are still conscious about what you eat, this is just the thing for you. You might wonder how Ayurvedic chocolate tastes, but let us tell you that these bars are absolutely delicious. It also has the added health benefits, so you can even add it to your daily diet. Win-win right?

These handcrafted chocolate bars come in five different variants, each with their unique flavours and benefits. Right from Memory Booster Bar in vanilla flavour, De-stress Bar in paan flavour (for those who like it old school), Muscle Marwan Bar in butterscotch, Tea Tales Bar in matcha and Heart Beet Bar in strawberry flavour. The first three are dark chocolates, while the last two are white chocolates, so you can choose whatever suits you best. What makes it more exciting? These bars are available in glass jars, that are wholly recyclable & reusable; making them a delicious & eco-friendly choice. Also, if you’d like to gift these awesome chocolates, they’re available in gift boxes. 

What you also ought to know is that the Ayurvedic herbs used in the chocolate are in the purest form. They’re manufactured under strict supervision. Everything from procurement of the raw materials to getting the yummy end product, is handled by a women-led team. Cool, right? All the bars are handmade in a quality controlled environment, in small batches. So, you only get the best of Ayurveda enrobed in delicious chocolate!