Orange, Berry Or Cherry: These Cocktail Premixes Are Versatile & Are INR 500 Up

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What Makes It Awesome

Our love for cocktails has met its match in Bab Louie and their amazing pre-mixes and bitters, and they're not your usual ones either. These are loaded with roots, barks, berries, herbs and spices. Essentially, these are botanical mixes that make the best cocktails even if you’re not the best behind the bar. 

The Old Fashioned Cocktail Premix is ideal to add to any whiskey-based drink to spice it up. Or just pour it into bourbon and if you dare, then into a single malt for a jazzed up flavour. The cinnamon hit is lovely if you like that sharp flavour like I do. Plus, it’s nicely balanced with a touch of sweet cherry. 

The Bab Louie’s Mix Berry Premix is all about adding a light berry flavour to any of your white spirits. I highly recommend you mix it up with gin. Vodka drinkers, that is another option too! But for a stronger citrus flavour in your drink, get the Passion Fruit mix. It is tangy and the orange will completely switch up your gin or white rum drink. 

My current favourite is the orange non-alcoholic bitters. Adding a hint of orange and caramel to any drink - alcoholic or not, the bitters really do add a different layer of flavour to it. I love that the bottle is covered in multiple recipes of drinks you can make with them. You can even add a dash of it to food for a zesty hit. Like on grilled chicken, or even duck Duck à l'orange

While the mixes are easy to use, and taste great, what is even lovelier is that they use fresh ingredients and fruits from farms, which means they are free from synthetic additives, colours or stabilisers. So, order them, and up your bar game, and how!


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