Whether you choose to pick one with leather accents, a stylish boho-vibe or even a canvas one with practicality written all over it, backpacks {for both men and women} are here to stay this season. The unisex trend has found favour for the fashion forward because not only is it ultra stylish but also doesn’t throw functionality out of the window altogether. LBB helps you jump onto the backpack bandwagon with our trendy picks.

Mukayu Backpack: Indigo

Brand: Nicobar

Price: INR 3,800

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Apostle Backpack

Brand: Cord

Price: INR 4,800

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Red Tassela Backpack

Brand: Richa at Tadpole Store

Price: INR 2,896

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Grain Country Backpack

Brand: Grain at Nete.in

Price: INR 6,000

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Faux Leather Drawstring Backpack

Brand: Forever 21

Price: INR 1,789

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Blue Canvas backpack

Brand: the House of Tara at Jabong.com

Price: INR 1,189

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Midi Backpack in Tan

Brand: Vitasta

Price: INR 9,000

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2×1 Bucket Bag and Backpack

Brand: Jodi X EarthyRoots

Price: INR 3,899

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