Become A Krav Maga Pro And Get Fit Doing So At Just INR 4,500 Per Month

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If you want to get your self-defence game on, and then through it get super fit, then Franklin Joseph's Krav Maga Self Defense Military Combat Academy is perfect. And the founder and trainer, Franklin Joseph is the reason we love it so.

What Makes It Awesome

OK, if there’s one thing that the Israeli Defence Force gave to the world (apart from smokin’ sexy soldiers), is Krav Maga. Created specifically for the combat troops with no real rules and regulations to follow, this is no martial art. It’s a self-defence system, that is aimed at bringing together principles of martial arts like self-awareness, threat neutralisation, defence and offence manoeuvres and basically controlling and channelling aggression. And we know all this because founder and trainer, Franklin Joseph, told us so. Oh, and just FYI he’s the CEO and Chief Safety Specialist, Indian Institute of Special Tactics And Combat Science (IISTACS) for India. It’s as legit as it gets, y’all!

With training sessions only on weekends, what we really like about Frank’s method is that he makes you understand what you’re doing, and why, instead of just teaching you moves. You then become a thinking fighter, and not just one who uses brute force. Of course, it’s not always as intense as it seems. He has wonderful classes to pick up basic self-defence moves – ones you can actually use. In fact, his first rule is to try and avoid confrontation if possible. He can teach you some cool, quick and highly practical hints to fend of eve teasers.


Looking to combine learning Krav Maga, and getting fit? Well, well, well, Frank has you covered on that front too! You can sign up for weekend sessions that will work on your defence as well as cardio. That essentially means when you’re a pro, you’ll practically be a graduate of the Israeli Defence Force.


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