Ace The Island Decor Trend With This Brand's Bamboo & Rattan Products

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What Makes It Awesome

Rattan and bamboo decor is everywhere because we all want to be on a vacation while staying at home. Since you can’t travel, how about doing up your living room in a way that screams ‘island life’? After all, escapism is a hell of a drug. We recently discovered an awesome brand from Assam that does simple yet striking bamboo and rattan home and kitchen utilities. Say hello to Bahcane.

Bah is Assamese for bamboo, a raw material you find in abundance in the North-East and Eastern part of India. Since cottage-core decor has gained huge popularity in recent times, and rightly so. After a hard day of WFH, we all want our homes to look and feel like a Tahitian beach resort. Bahcane’s innovative designs in earth friendly, sustainable laminated bamboo composites can do that for you. Their everyday functional products give a very fresh and contemporary look with its natural colours lending a warmth to your living space. 

Take for instance the Dolong Pira Stack that can be anything you want it to be. Use it to store your books or make it into a plant shelf for the balcony. Sturdy, versatile and aesthetically pleasing too. Do you spend half the time in your kitchen looking for stuff? Me too! Particularly knives that seem to have grown legs and are moving about playing hide and seek. Bahcane offers a plausible solution in their wooden knife holder.

WFH Tribe, you need the bamboo lap stand (portable laptop table) in your life. Mainly for those days when getting out of bed and taking that little walk to the workstation at home seems like a Herculean task.

The bamboo bowls, rattan laundry baskets and polished cane planters deserve a special mention for being so striking in appeal.

Pro Tip

Bahcane is now available on Shop on LBB too!


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