4'o'Clock Cravings? Try Pineapple And Mushroom Bajjis At This Basavanagudi Shop

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If you haven’t ever tried a pineapple bajji, you can have your first bite from this street-side shop in Basvangudi. For INR 100, you can get your street food cravings sorted at this bajji shop.

Bajjis Galore

Truth be told, we were badly craving some bajjis {aka deep fried fritters}, when we found ourselves walking around aimlessly in Basavanagudi recently. So imagine our surprise, when we spotted a bajji shop street right next to Nettakallappa Circle on Subbarama Chetty Road. Our curiosity was further piqued when we saw pineapples in this shop. At first, we thought this was a fruit stall that also sells bajjis but boy oh boy we were wrong. With chopping skills that can put Gordon Ramsey to shame, our bajji-man dunked the freshly cut slices of pineapple in a light batter, and then dipped them into the simmering lake of oil to fry. With our mouths already watering from the array of capsicum, chilli, onion, and raw banana bajjis on offer, we couldn’t wait to try them. Sold at INR 20 a piece, these fried pineapple bajjis are topped with cut onions, carrots, and coriander leaves, and served with a spicy mint chutney. Sweet, spicy, and crunchy, we love the pineapple bajji. Next up were the mushroom ones and those didn’t disappoint us either. Apart from these special bajjis, our man also sells baby corn numbers.

From the half hour, we spent hogging up all those cholesterol-laden fritters, we could make out that this place was popular with a lot of regular customers coming for a bajji or parcelling a bunch.


You can’t Google Map this place, but you can search for Anand Sagar Inn as this shop is right next to it.


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