This Brand Makes All Things Bamboo Including Ingenious, Portable Speakers!

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Bamboo India

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What Makes It Awesome

Bamboo is great for the environment, and it's sustainable, durable, and strong. Which is why, back in 2016, Bamboo India was started by Ashwini and Yogesh Shinde to change the perception of being the "Poor Man’s Timber to Wise Man’s Timber". While they do have some products you may be now accustomed to - like toothbrushes,  tongue cleaners, and shaving brushes, but I was floored by the few unique products they have. I loved the bamboo portable speakers which are so simple, and effective. 

The whole product works like a sound amplifier. The bamboo speaker is about a foot long, with a carved-out slot to slide in your phone. It looks like it's just a phone holder, but start up your music, and you'll be so surprised by what you hear! The sound actually reverberates through the bamboo pipe. I was amazed by the sound that came through. Loud, clear, and thankfully not tinny, like most mobile phones sound otherwise! Since it's super light, you can take it anywhere and easily at that. It comes in a little cloth bag and paper box (in case you are gifting it to someone). And the best part is that it needs no electricity! Since I got it, I haven't actually used my electric speakers at all! 

Apart from the ingenious speakers, Bamboo India also has desk organiser with slots for pens, paper, cards and pins, and stationery. Neat, eco-friendly, and definitely unique. Add on the bamboo notebook and you're ready to be an work at least. 

Great for gifting as well, these products start at INR 50 (tongue cleaners and brushes), and go up to INR 450 for the notebooks. Perfect for the environment, and for your budget too! 


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