Learn The Exciting Art Of Canyoneering Or Climbing At This Adventure School In The City

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If getting high on adrenaline is the name of your game, you’ve got to join the Bangalore School Of Adventure to learn the ropes of everything from canyoneering to climbing.

It's The Climb

I’m one for adventure, and I’m always grumbling that I don’t get enough of it here. So imagine my utter glee when I chanced up the Bangalore School Of Adventure. Set up with the idea to train people, and then hope that they’ll go explore the great outdoors on their own, the crew here is all for adventure, like their great inspiration – Bear Grylls. If you sign-up here, you won’t be doing just treks and camping, they’re hard core with climbing, rappelling, caving and my person favourite canyoneering. And everything happens outdoors, in real locations. Think camping and trekking in Kudremukh, wandering the forests of Turahalli, or even rappelling at the gorgeous Chellavara falls in Coorg {the Hospet side}.

Into The Canyons

The best part is, that if you’re interested, they’re interested in getting you from being a novice to practically swinging from one mountain face to the other, like Tarzan. OK, maybe that is a bit much, but they’ll start from the basic of tying safety knots for climbing, they’ll teach you the ropes {geddit?} of rappelling and when you’re good at that, expect to join their expeditions to put your new-found skills to the test. Then comes the canyoneering which is a trek that involves navigating creeks, streams, canyons by walking, climbing, swimming or abseiling. Basically, one way or the other, you get from one point to the other! Bring it on!

Train To Hang On

They have a few session coming up {Sunday, March 26 and it’s free}, including one of making knots — from figure 8s to Fisherman’s double. If that sounds like gibberish, then you certainly have to go to this one! Plus, a cool canyoneering training which will include an introduction to the gear, how to communicate when climbing and of course, practical lessons on locking off rappelling devices and free hanging.


Their session fill up very quickly, so keep a hawk-eye on their Facebook page and website to get yourself a spot.