Catch These Talented Artists On Church Street Who Will Make You Feel The Actual Art

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What Makes It Awesome?

If you've ever spotted a group of people outside Blossoms (or any public space in the city) where one of them is typing away on a typewriter, then you've found the Bangalore Buskers. Believing that art need not be bound by space or an audience, their talent is shared with all curious souls who approach them.

Starting off as a one-man act who just shared his art of writing with whoever opened up to him with their stories, it now includes anyone with a skill they'd like to share. Find caricature artists, sketchers, photographers, poets, and musicians among others. Give them a story, experience thought, or ‘mood’, and they'll turn it into a beautiful piece of art in a way they know best. Apart from their regular haunt on the stairs of Blossoms on weekends, they announce their location for the day every Saturday and Sunday with other specifics (especially if they're popping up at an event) so you can catch them transforming stories into art, and take it home too!

Not a sharer? Just enjoy from a distance because there's usually some form of acoustic background music involved. They also take commissions and collaborations, for which you'll have to email them in advance. And don't feel shy if you want to join, they say that you can sign up to hang with them if you can “even just spell art”.

What Could Be Better?

The only way to follow them is via social media.

How Much Did It Cost

Under ₹500

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