Retrace The History Of Bangalore With A Visit To This 16th Century Fort Near KR Market

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What Makes It Awesome

Amidst the hustle and bustle of KR Market, you’ll find the still majestic remains of the 16th century, Bangalore Fort. It's worth a visit to explore the other side of Bangalore. It may be one of the city’s oldest monuments but very few of us have actually visited the Bangalore Fort. Part of the busy KR Market area, what remains of the Bangalore Fort might not wow you with its architectural finesse, but you sure do get a glimpse of the city’s origins and that is worth a trip, we think. In the 21st century, all that remains of the fort is the Delhi Gate and two bastions. But this was once the stronghold of Tipu Sultan. 

Kempegowda I, largely credited to be the founder of Bangalore, first built the fort way back in 1537; that was a mud fort. When Haider Ali took over in 1761 he rebuilt the fort in stone and, in the following years, it came to encompass pretty much the entire Pete area including Tipu’s Summer Palace which stands nearby.

When the British marched in they destroyed much of the fort except what remains. Today, you can walk in through the Delhi Gate that’s marked by giant doors (with scary spikes) and elegant stucco carvings. Inside, you can catch a glimpse of an abandoned temple, gun holes where soldiers used to station themselves, and even the plaque that heralds the British conquest of the fort. Take a close look at the walls and you’ll also spot alcoves decorated with carvings and Hoysala symbols. 

What Could Be Better

Located close to the Government Hospital, finding the fort can be a little tough and parking is a nightmare, so, ditch the car and walk around.


To make the most of your trip here, you can also check out Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace that is a short walk from the fort.


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