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What Makes It Awesome?

Bangalore Functional fitness is your new address for outdoor fitness in Bangalore. Based out of the Hub (infantry road) the team of BFF is dedicated to help you achieve your fitness goals while training and sweating outside the four walls of your gym. Move better and be stronger with BFF – Bangalore Functional Fitness

Bodyweight workouts can be performed by any age group and gender. It helps one to elevate their current fitness status and get to the next level. A typical workout routine will be a dynamic warm-up and mobility or athletic drill, strength and conditioning based workouts followed by a good stretch.

The team is currently offering classes at 6.30am & 7.30 am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Register for your first session with BFF and experience functional fitness like never before.

What is functional fitness?

Functional Fitness is a method of training for your real life activities like sitting standing pulling pushing walking carrying etc irrespective of the age gender and current fitness levels.

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