Mince, Sausages, Bacon Or Sorpotel: The Bangalore Ham Shop Is For All The Porky People

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What Makes It Awesome

Sandwiched between pubs, restaurants and other establishments, you may not easily notice the Bangalore Ham Shop while walking along MG Road. But when it is good pork in question, all of us seem to turn to this humble place without second thoughts. When the young B. Anjinappa began working at the Bangalore Ham Shop, started in 1936  by the Britisher, Andrews, little did he know that it would become a legacy for his family. Handed over to him when Andrews left in 1952, the shop was then handled by Anjinappa until his sons took over a few decades ago. 

Don’t let the modest facade fool you; the shop has everything a pork-lover could ask for and pays close attention to hygiene and quality aspects. The meat, freshly procured from their piggery in Chintamani near Kolar, arrives every morning. Apart from Pork Chops (with or without fat, just the way you like it), Pork Spare Ribs, Pork Mince and Pork Sorpotel Mix, they also have continental options which are popular among the regulars – Smoked Leg Ham (cooked and uncooked), Pork Ham Round, Pork Bacon Sliced, Pork Salami, as well as sausages and frankfurters.

The Pork Spice Sausage, with its perfect blend of pepper, nutmeg, cardamom and salt, is a favourite of many who frequent the Bangalore Ham Shop. We are also fond of the spicy Goan sausages they sell here. Owing to popular demand, they also have Korean-style pork cuts (thin slices, mostly from the belly and neck parts, perfect for grilling we think). Apart from catering to around 100-200 daily customers, they also supply their products to hotels and restaurants (including hotels of the Taj group). The only thing is that they don't offer home delivery service. You'll have to go there and pick up the meat for yourself.


They are usually closed on Tuesdays, so keep that in mind before heading there 


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