Ten-Second Takeaway

On the lookout for offbeat and unique furniture pieces to do up your home? From vintage and cosy to artsy and vibrant, Bangalore Hunts, a group you can join by invite-only, on Facebook, curates one-of-a-kind pieces.

One Of A Kind


For city-based entrepreneurs, Vandana Puranik and Maysa Aiman {who is originally from France}, it all began when they had to furnish their flat to welcome family members who were visiting from abroad. While hunting online for reasonably-priced and interesting furniture pieces, they chanced upon the idea for Bangalore Hunts. Having started off with a Facebook group {which currently has over 5,000 members} where they connect to customers, they also have a studio in town where interested buyers can take a look at their products. Led by their love for furniture, their collection features pieces picked up on their frequent travels across the country as well as ones collected through partners around the world.

While this includes everything from vintage and modern to rustic and artsy furniture, what makes their venture so popular is probably their focus on unique, quirky pieces. So, you can be assured you get to set up your home with furniture that isn’t really common. The duo also design pieces, inspired by their finds on websites like Pinterest and Instagram.

Quirky Meets Vintage

Side tables with an antique touch, storage boxes inspired by villages in France and pieces made with wood and fabric are all part of what might catch your attention here. Their Facebook group is where you can browse through the products on offer and chat with the team to confirm orders. You can also drop by their studio and pick out pieces that would best fit your space. Keep an eye out for their special previews for new collections {there’s one coming up in December!} where you can score some of the most exciting finds before they go up online. They also have pop-ups and exhibitions every now and then.

Photos: Bangalore Hunts