Porkaholics! Join This FB Group For Curated Food Tastings & To Meet Fellow Meat Lovers

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A vibrant Facebook community, the Bangalore Pork Lovers Club looks to unite those of you who are passionate about the meat while sampling the city’s best porky offerings.

Piggy Love

For Kalyan Gopalakrishna, a long-time Bangalorean, pork is a childhood love. With travels around the world and his countless experiments in the kitchen, Gopalakrishna’s love for the meat only grew. And when he ventured into the F&B industry, around five years ago, he also decided to spread the love for the meat by organising on his own, pork dinners at restaurants in the city.

In August 2017, Gopalakrishna decided to make things official and launched the Bangalore Pork Lovers Club — a Facebook page whose membership quickly swelled to include a few hundred meat lovers in the city. Through the page, you can connect with fellow lovers on the best dishes the city has to offer, recipes, and tips and tricks.

Swine Dine

But the best part is that you get to, along with fellow pork lovers, sign up food events around the city. Curated by Gopalakrishna, these exclusive, one-time-only events unfold over lunch or dinner and include a value-for-money meal that’s been specially created by the chefs. In many instances, chefs even serve you something that’s off the menu. For example, at the Siam Trading Co gathering a few months backs, the restaurant served Grilled Pork Neck. And at the 12-course meal at Sanchez, there was a delicious Pork Pozole — a slow-cooked Mexican stew.

To join the group, all you need to do is answer a few pertinent questions {Do you like fat on your pork?} on your love for the meat. If you convince Gopalakrishna then you are let in. Or you can simply get an existing member to usher you in. Spots for the events {do note that these are paid experiences} are booked on a first-come-first-serve and are announced on the Facebook page.

To sign up, find them on Facebook here


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