Workout + History With Bangalore Running And Walking Tours

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Get fitter and wiser with Bangalore Running & Walking Tours’ curated fitness tours around historic landmarks in the city.

Running On My Mind

We all know how monotonous it is to run on a treadmill in a gym everyday. So, when we heard that Bangalore Running & Walking Tours were curating runs that also involved learning something about history, we were hooked. They’ve had runs around the Cantonment area and the rocks and parks of Bangalore as well as walks along Ulsoor Lake and a ‘Days Of The Raj’ walk. So cool! We’re dying to try one of these out because there’s very few Bangaloreans that really know the city well, and we’re not them. The exercise isn’t a bad bonus either.

Everyone And Anyone

If you’re hesitant to attend one of these in the belief that they’re for people with high levels of fitness, don’t be! All their walks and runs are touted to be ‘gentle’ and anyone from a beginner to an advanced runner can attend them. Most of their tours {if in the morning} end with some delicious Karnataka style breakfast at a local eatery. History, exercise and food? Count me in!

Find out more about the event here.


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