Safaris, Butterfly Parks And Picnics: Run Wild At The Bannerghatta Biological Park

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What Makes It Awesome

Tired of being cooped in at home? Why not spend a day out with fam or bae at Bannerghatta Biological Park. It may be a tiny zoo (as compared to even the one in Mysore) but Bannerghatta Biological Park is definitely worth a trip. Start off with the Grand Safari which begins at around 10 AM. We must add that there’s a long line always so get here early. The most pocket-friendly option is to take the buses but you can also take your transportation to the entry point. Due to COVID guidelines, the online tickets for safari vehicles are limited. You can get on AC, non-AC buses and packages include Safari + Zoo + Butterfly Park + Camera, prices for which go upto INR 600 for adults and INR 400 for children. Do know that there are other packages available too. There, you can spot Deer, Nilgai, Sambars along with Elephants, Lions, and Tigers. 

The zoo is roughly divided into small hubs where similar species are housed. Check out Tigers, Emus, Rheas, Deers, Elephants, and a lone Leopard along with Tortoises, Turtles of different kinds and reptiles too. You’ll also see Wild Dogs, Foxes and Jackals before you move onto different species of Monkeys. Crocs and Gharials make their presence felt too. Bannerghatta is also home to some exquisite birds such as Pigeons, Hornbills, and Parakeets in breathtaking colours. You can also sign up for boating at a small fee. Now if you are a nature enthusiast, enjoy the hard-to-spot butterflies and moths at the Butterfly Sanctuary. 

If you get tired after a day of wildlife spotting, relax in their cafetarias and restaurants and help yourself to a good meal or snack. They have baby care units, cloakrooms and even an information kiosks to ease your trip. Every Tuesday is an off day and prices merely for the zoo visit start from INR 50 for kids and INR 100 for adults.  The park is open from 9:30am - 5pm.


COVID-19 Tip: All individuals entering the park are temperature screened at the entry point and hand sanitisers, hand washing facilities are in place at entrance points and appropriate places. Bannerghatta Biological Park is widely communicating about its safety precautions on its website and social media accounts too.

They also have a digital programme known as One Earth One Home that are filled with interactive activities and engaging videos to build knowledge among students and help them identify nature around them.


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