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Safaris, Butterfly Parks And Picnics: Run Wild At The Bannerghatta Biological Park

Navya posted on 15 January

Ten-Second Takeaway

Safari rides, boating, a walk around the zoo and a visit to the butterfly park are just some of the things you can do during an action-packed day at Bannerghatta Biological Park.

On The Safari Trail

It may be a tiny zoo {as compared to even the one in Mysore} but Bannerghatta Biological Park is definitely worth a trip. Pile into your car for a drive through or take a comfortable A/C bus ride from Majestic that drops you right at the entrance. The outside bit of the park has plenty of shops and there’s litter everywhere. Things, however, improve once you are inside the park itself.

You should start off with the Grand Safari. The safari rides begin at around 10am and there’s always a long line so get here early. The most pocket-friendly option is to take the buses. But there are jeeps and cars {with and without A/C} that will take you on the tour. Do note that private vehicles are not allowed on the safaris. The drive through the open enclosures {don’t be mistaken, this is not an actual safari} takes around 40 minutes.

The herbivores will greet you first. And you can easily spot deer, Nilgai, and sambars. Next, you’ll see elephants enjoying a scrub-down by a pond before you head out to the bear enclosure. The last two stops are the lion and tiger enclosures. On your way back, take in the beautiful, green-covered hills that surround the park. They make for a lovely sight.

Be A Zoolander

Your safari ticket will also gain you entry into the zoo. While there are battery-operated cars, we suggest you walk around. The zoo is roughly divided into small hubs where similar species are the housed. Of course, at the very beginning, there’s the star attraction — the tiger. After which you can spot emus, Rheas, deer, elephants, and a lone leopard along with tortoises and turtles of different kinds and reptiles too. On one end, you’ll also see wild dogs, fox, and jackals before you move onto different species of monkeys. Crocs and gharials make their presence felt too.

Fly By

Bannerghatta is also home to some exquisite winged creatures. You’ll see a range of pigeons {white, brown, and the usual grey}, Hornbills, and parakeets in breathtaking colours. Around a man-made pond of sorts, you’ll also see Ibis, storks, and swans. At the zoo, you can sign up for boating for a small fee. Your last stop should be the Butterfly Park. The conservatory is not brimming over with butterflies, but if you are a nature enthusiast, the hard-to-spot butterflies and moths will surely bring a smile to your face.

Stay A While

A few restaurants are on-campus but the hygiene levels are questionable. So, just carry a picnic basket. But make sure it’s only vegetarian food. And if you don’t want your adventure to end, just stay back in log huts, cottages, or Swiss tents courtesy Jungle Lodges and Resorts. You can lounge about in hammocks, go out for nature walks and cosy up by a blazing campfire under a starry sky. You can read all about it here.

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