Bao Down To Your Cravings With Soft Steamed Buns From This Cloud Kitchen

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What Makes It Awesome

Love it when you’re warm and comfy in bed like a little ball, and nothing wrong can happen in the world? Baos are the food version of that we feel, and Baohood in Hebbal is bringing that experience home to you, if you’ve not tried them yet. For the uninitiated, baos are steamed buns that are usually stuffed with veggies, sauce and/or meat. Founders Sharan Menghrajani and Pankaj Vishwakarm have started this cloud kitchen with the aim of showcasing this versatile yet comfort inducing food. 

Most Pan-Asian fine dine restaurants in Bangalore do offer baos with a choice of Pan-Asian flavours and fillings; Baohood offers classic Indo-Chinese and select SE Asian options too. The Sesame Honey Spice Soya Chunk Bao is a flavour bomb to try, and for non-vegetarians, the Korean Spicy Chicken option, or Soy Chilli Chicken Bao will have you licking your fingers. Should you want to try more familiar options, they have hot favourites like Wok Boxes (rice or noodles), starters (all forms of stir fried goodness, and soups), dumplings, and rice options with gravy. 

Each order of a bao comes with two pieces, and most options on the menu are ideal for one, or two people (and very reasonable!). Feel free to order on food delivery platforms, between 11am and 3:30pm and 6pm to 10:30pm.