In High Spirits: Go Bar Hopping In HSR Layout With Our Pick Of Pubs And Resto Bars

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Up and coming foodie’s paradise, HSR Layout is still expanding on the bars and pubs front. But that doesn’t mean you’ll have to suffer through a parched throat here. There are a handful of lounges, wine bars, and pubs that offer bar bounty. Here are the best bars in HSR Layout.

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Rural Blues

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Broadway The Gourmet Theatre

House Of Commons

When you are craving a drink but are carrying around a slim wallet, House Of Commons will work perfectly. They usually offer plenty of deals on liquor and you can sign up for discounted beer buckets and cocktail pitchers too. Pair these with bar bites like Nachos, Pepper Garlic Chicken, and Amritsari Fish Tikka.

Safe House

One of the hippest spots to open here, Safe House sees a steady stream of revellers and pub hoppers. Settle in and choose from their vast menu that includes a variety of beers — from Kingfisher to Bira and Peroni. You can even go for their cocktail creations like Painkiller {Old Monk mixed with coconut cream, pineapple and orange juice} or a good old Whiskey Sour. With these, you can chomp down pizzas and pastas.

Broadway The Gourmet Theatre

When you want to drinks and food to come with plenty of drama, look no further than this spiffy restaurant. The bartender’s signatures here include the Lemon Grass & Curry Leaf Martini and the Tangerine Mojito. When your tummy starts to rumble, stop by their excellent Teppanyaki Grill where you can chomp on many Japanese grilled offerings. For more, read here.

Rural Blues

Located just outside HSR Layout, this new place is great for live music, breezy decor, and top-notch food. The bar listings include Bira, Jim Beam, and Smirnoff. With these, pair their excellent Frito Misto – stir-fried vegetables in a sweet chilli sauce- and the Karuveppilai Murgh Tikka — juicy chunks of meat coated in spices. For more, read here.


Strictly for wine lovers, Grapevine is a charming wine bar that serves up delicious European and Mediterranean fare. You can pair your glass of wine with Mezze platters, Cheese Fondue, Garlic Prawns, and beef steaks.


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