Get Filmy At This Movie Themed Cafe That’s Launching Soon In Kammanahattan

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The stage is set! Kammanahalli is rolling out the red carpet to movie-themed cafe called Based On A True Story and we have all the juicy details.

The Plot Thickens

Kammanahalli’s already bustling restaurant is going to get a dose of 70mm magic soon. Next weekend, Based On A True Story — a chirpy, movie-themed cafe is all set to open its doors. We took a sneak peek and, while the space is still a work in progress, we spotted walls covered in graffiti showcasing classics from Hollywood.

The menu is mostly continental and, of course, all the dishes will be movie title or puns on them. They kitchens are looking to serve sandwiches, pasta, burgers, mocktails and smoothies. In the future, the cafe will also host film screenings. Watch this space for more!


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