Bathe In Coffee Caramel Or Exfoliate With Sweet Almond: This Brand Is All Kinds Of Yummy

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What Makes It Awesome?

When I say yummy, I mean they look and sleep delicious, but alas the whole range is only skin care! Say hello to Gulnare, a Delhi brand that retails out of Hyderabad too. But most importantly, you can get their products (which includes mist toners, exfoliators, highlighted and also make up removers), online too! And they claim to be 100% organic, eco-friendly and even cruelty free.

I've used their juniper berry face wash, and apart from smelling fresh as spring, the wash also removes make up without having to scrub and leaves your skin hydrated and soft. Another favourite is lightly mint scented foot cream - aptly called After Eight, which packs in the benefits if basil, peppermint and coconut oil among other ingredients, to soften your tired feet. The Coffee Caramel body scrub is boss too. But you've got to try hard not to eat it. That goes for the walnut bath butter as well.

My sibling couches for the Life's A Peach body butter while my niece will tell you the Bug Boss mosquito repellent spray (organic and made from citronella, lavender, rosemary and neem) works wonders even in bug infested lawns.
Most products cost upwards of INR 650, but since they're all rather large bottles, of over 100ml, it does last a while.


They also have anti-aging products, as well as ant-rash cream, itch relief, body lotions and bath creams for babies.

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