Vegans In Bangalore, Hit Up This Brand That's Curated Snacks Just For You

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What Makes It Awesome

BeAnimal Gourmet, part of BeAnimal Hostel in Koramangala, is the vegan child of entrepreneurs Lakshman and his partner Vanessa that aims at making fresh, homemade, and artisanal vegan food easily accessible to folks, so you don't have to do the hunting. The duo, who are vegans themselves, have put together 10 vegan brands in Bangalore as part of their gourmet collection. And there's something for everyone out there. For folks who are looking vegan alternative for cheese, they have Angelo's vegan cheese that includes classic and truffle mozz (mozzarella) and parmesan. 

There's our favourite vegan ice cream brand, Dittoo selling vegan butter and Ulo selling vegan ice cream part of the collection. There's Pudducakes, another BeAnimal brand that serves healthy and plant-based cheesecakes in flavours such as strawberry, rose & pistachio, and the popular chocolate & caramel. The other brands include A Little Dipsy with their range of vegan hummus, Local Ferment Co. and their kombucha and ginger beer, and Mossant Fermentary with their hot sauce and kimchi. 


You can Enquire Now with BeAnimal Gourmet for your orders and get your orders picked up via Dunzo. If you stay in and around Koramangala 6th Block, then you can also find them on Swiggy. 


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