Give These Adorable Lab-Rescued Beagles A Home And A Heart

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Rescued from a testing lab in the city, 42 beagles are up for adoption, looking for a safe and loving home to take them in.

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Compassion Unlimited Plus Action {CUPA}, an NGO for the welfare of animals, recently rescued 156 beagles from a testing laboratory in the city. Forty two of them have already been released to the organisation for rehabilitation, and the folks at CUPA have put them up for adoption. Already thinking of taking home one of them? Be prepared to put in some committed hard work, we must tell you. Having been confined to metal cages for all these years {their entire lives, in fact}, the dogs will need a great amount of patience, care and attention before they begin to learn even simple things like playing with toys, getting a cuddle from you or trusting someone. So, if you think you can offer a loving home for these beagles {only pre-approved families will be allowed}, go ahead and fill up the adoption request now.

Find CUPA’s adoption request form here.

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