All You Offbeat Music Lovers, You Have To Join This Cool Beatboxing Community


    If you’re an amateur beatboxer, someone who’s interested in offbeat music, or always wondered how beatboxing works, join the Beats Club community to get acquainted with this unique form of music. 

    Beyond Instruments

    Want to beatbox like Ed Sheeran, Charlie Puth and Cara Delevingne? Or you’re already a pro like Eklips? Either way, we have big news for you. From being a relatively unknown percussion form of music, back in 2008, fast-forward 10 years, and the art is now widely recognised, specifically among with hip-hop community in India. The brainchild of Hilal Gani, The Beats Club (The first beatboxing club in India) initially started off as a small community determined to change the way people perceive the music they make. Now, with a team of 10 core members, and 2,500 members from across the country, Beats Club is a host to India’s only exclusive Beatbox event, Colossal. 

    In fact, they’re having the third edition of the even later this month, and we hear it’s going to be huge. Apparently, it’ll feature the first loop station battles in the country!

    B-Boxin Is The New In

    The main idea of the club is to have fun being creative with music, and this applies to any age groups — the youngest member of the club being 7 years old, to the oldest at 50 years. They conduct workshops for newbies, host battles at college fests, events at flea markets, organise jams and battles at some of the city’s popular cafes and pubs, or just meet up at public places to get better acquainted with the art and each other. If you’re worried about not getting the hang of it, don’t be. It’s just variations of saying ‘boots and cats’ over and over again.

    Join the community, get to hang with some pretty cool music-makers once or twice a week, watch or take part in fun jam-sessions and events, or just check them out on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

    Find them on Facebook here.

    Check them out on Youtube here.