Chops, Kebabs, And Sheekh: Beef Up At This Roadside Cart In Frazer Town

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Located right next to Everest Theatre is a small, nameless cart that serves up beef delights, at just INR 50 a plate. Sheekh kebabs, kebabs, and chops are all on offer here.

Meat Station

Frazer Town has plenty of kebab and biryani joints but if you’ve got beef on your mind, Mohammed Waaris’ roadside stall is where you need to be. Parked every evening on the main street beside Everest Theatre {on the East Railway Station side}, this cart does brisk business post 6.30pm. You’ll be greeted by billows of smoke rising up from the grill and pans while small crowds wait nearby for their orders to come through.

There’s obviously not much ambience here. You can either park yourself on one of the plastic stools on the footpath behind the stall. Or you can do a takeaway {which is what most women prefer although we ate there and faced no trouble at all}. The menu is limited. But do try their grilled meats. There’s beef chops – thin slivers of meat laced with streaks of fat that are doused in pepper and smoked through and through. The smoky meat simply melts in your mouth and we do recommend the squirt of lime to add zest to the dish.

Beef Cake

Next, try the Sheekh Kebabs. For INR 50, you’ll get two, long kebabs that are grilled just right. While the meat retained its juiciness we wished for an extra dash of chilly in this one. Prefer something deep fried? Then the peppery kababs served with string hoppers should be perfect.


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