Make It Sweeter With Mishti Doi & Sandesh From These Bengali Sweet Shops

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Sweets are synonymous with joy and sweets always elicit smiles. There's a reason they always suggest having sweets in India after a good day or a good deed. Now that we are talking sweets, there would have to be mentions about world renowned Bengali sweets, especially traditional sandesh and matkas of mishti doi  (sweet curd). That is why we recommend you get into the spirit of things without further ado with boxes of mishti from these speciality Bengali sweet shops in Bangalore.


True-blue Bengalis swear by this chain. Here's a sweet shop that has a handful of branches around the city. Since they have long lines of customers during the festive period, we recommend a prior booking especially if you have a large order. While you are in the shop for your share of doi and sandesh, you can also pack boxes of rasmalai, chamcham, and kheer kadam. Their nolen gur (palm jaggery) rosogullas too are worth the calories. Plus, they also do singhara (samosas), vegetable chop (vegetable cutlets) and kochuri (kachori) for those who love their savoury, deep fried snacks. 

K.C. Das

The oldest Bengali sweet shop in town, K.C. Das displays unending trays of mishti during Dussehra. Their mishti doi  is a Bangalore favourite and so is their flaky, melt-in-your-mouth son papdi. Their soft sandesh, ras kadam, and rasmalais top the charts too. And if you find yourself waiting around for your boxes of mithai, we recommend you order up plates of their luchi so that you have something delicious to chomp on.

The Sandesh Factory

A home-run business, The Sandesh Factory offers over 15 varieties of Bengal’s most loved sweet. Run by Chandramika Rai, you can sink your teeth into Chocolate Sandesh, Kesar Sandesh or even the classic version. Plump and juicy rasagullas are also part of the menu. However, you’ll have to book your order at least 24 hours in advance (minimum order is 10 pieces) and if you don’t live within the 2-3 km radius from Rai’s home in BTM Layout, you’ll have to pick the order yourself.

Babu Mosai Sweets

A small sweet shop in JP Nagar’s 7th Phase, Babu Mosai is perfect when you want to pick the classic varieties of Bengali sweets. Pack home boxes of sandesh, rasagullas, and rasmalais from the shop. If you want to take home other sweets like motichur laddoos, kaju barfis, and gulab jamuns, they have those too.

Asha Sweet Center

It's not just a highly frequented joint by residents of Malleswaram, the outlet is known majorly for its roshogullas, debatably the best in the city. Made fresh to order, these plump sweets aren't overly sweet and dissolve as soon as you put them in. You can have them fresh for festive occasions at their outlet or takeaway as well. Ashe Sweet Centre is also known for its chilled badam milk and their mini idlis tampered with spices (ask them for availability though). 

Tewari Bros Sweet Shops

After a busy day shopping at Commercial Street, come here and try something different. This quaint little sweet shop is best known for its soan papdi, julienned slivers of flavoured flour bound together in small rectangles and squares. Sip on their tea and then binge on their singharas (Bengali -style samosas) for a complete experience. You can even have your sweets parcelled from here. 


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