Filter, Siphon Or Vietnamese: Benki Coffee Inc. Will Give You A Serious Caffeine Kick

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Tucked away in Jayanagar’s 5th Block, Benki Coffee Inc. will sort you out with all versions of coffee, although the beans are predominantly from Sakleshpur.

One Black Coffee, Please?

While Koramangala may be boasting of their cool new coffee houses, quietly, Benki Coffee Inc, in Jayanagar is drawing the crowds. Slowly but surely. Ask us, we rode the Metro across the city to sample their creations! And it was worth it all. An industrial-style staircase will lead you to the actual coffee shop where astroturf {that’s artificial grass for the uninitiated} benches and tables will catch your attention. That, and the kitchen top with apparatus which truly belongs in a chemistry lab. The friendly owner will help you settle in, and hand you a creatively-done menu with illustrations of some of the more exotic sounding coffee options.

Chemistry Coffee

With two innovative chefs for company, I knew experimenting was on the cards. So naturally, we ordered the Syphon, Vietnamese Revolution and Chemex. Syphon, using vacuum and vapours, brews the coffee without destroying the flavours. To be had without milk, have this only if you’re used to slightly bitter cuppas. Chemex was next — a rich and smooth pour over coffee, it will take some getting used to. Vietnamese Revolution was good, a tad bit too sweet, but that was all the condensed milk, and not really the coffee. But, subtly and stealthily, what the table unanimously loved was the Latte — simple, frothy and the perfect balance of espresso and steamed milk. But don’t play it safe here, try out the various options — aeropress, Benki Brewer, an in-house special, and a mocha pot. You’ll always have the lovely Latte to fall back on, should your experiment not go to plan. Or taste, in this case.

Next visit, we can’t wait to try out the Coffee Toddy, Turmeric Latte, Red Velvet Latte and some of the food. Oh, plus some bubble gum iced tea.


Check out their range of the coffee brewing merchandise. From filters, apparatus, mugs, spoons and other cool stuff, you can set up a mini cafe in your own home!

Also, they’re closed on Mondays, and open only in the evenings as of now.


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