This Brand Will Wrap Your House In Green Cover And Exotic Plants

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Come back home from all the city traffic to your own personal green space thanks to Beru that will create a miniature jungle for you.

What Makes It Awesome

Do you remember when Bangalore used to proudly wear the crown of ‘The Garden City’? Now, with all the overpopulation in the city, there is only a concrete jungle that exists. But Beru, a sub-brand of an architectural firm Studio Vinama, will change that! Mainly focusing on projects of miniature green spaces at home, they will study your space and understand your budget. Accordingly, whether you live in a bungalow or an apartment, they will beautify your living space with vertical gardens and grass cover.

Exotic plants, kitchen garden and even minimal take-caring greens will be provided to you along with patio decor and cute looking pots that you could even keep indoors or at your office. Macrame plant holders to hang inside your house can be purchased from these guys. Since the prices depend on customisations and requirements of the client, we suggest calling them up to know how much it would cost you.