You Won’t Snooze Or Lose With These Cool Alarm Clocks Better Than Smartphones!

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Chances you will wake up to take on the day just in time do not depend on whether or not you had a good night’s rest, it depends on your alarm clock. C’mon, we’d all sleep through, well beyond 8 hours if nothing screamed into our ears. If you depend on your smartphone to do this for you, please don’t! They emit harmful radiation and also affect your mood. Instead, depend on this list of cool alarm clocks for every type of sleeper there is!

For The Deep Sleeper

Sonic Bomb Sbb500Ss Loud Plus Vibrating Alarm Clock: Health & Personal Care

If you let these kinds of peeps have an alarm tone that is relaxing, you might as well label them doomed. What they need is this Sonic Alert Sonic Bomb Extra-Loud Dual Alarm Clock and Bed Shaker. That’s right, this 113-decibel alarm clock will wake ‘em right up with its built-in pulsating lights, a bright red display and the option to shake the bed instead of making noise with a 12 volt bed shaker that you place underneath your mattress. The reviews by customers are insane too!

For The Budget Keeper

Buy Truelife TRIPZIRA Plastic Digital Smart Backlight Battery Operated Alarm Table Clock with Automatic Sensor, Date and Temperature (Black) Online at Low Prices in India -

The budget keepers know what they want. Something that isn’t not too fancy but does the job. Like this Digital Alarm Table Clock that has a simple friendly design and super large display with easy to read, bold fonts. It also has a smart backlight that lets you tell time correctly at night time. The sound of the alarm grows loud progressively. If you hit snooze and turn off the clock it will still ring after 5 minutes. This clock is also suitable for heavy sleepers or seniors.

For The Light Sleeper

Buy Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock with Colored Sunrise Simulation and Sunset Fading Night Light, White (HF3520) Online at Low Prices in India -

Light sleepers don’t like to be startled awake, oh no! Just the thing for them is the Philips Wake Up Light Alarm Clock that wakes you up gently mimicking sunrise, so cool! It starts at a barely there light, golden glow to stark in your face white light. All of this happens before the alarm strikes, by which we know our friend has already awakened. This clock also comes with a sunset feature (which dims the room to make falling asleep more peaceful) and emits natural sounds like bird songs and ocean waves. It may be expensive but reviewers think it's worth it.

For The Retro Lover & Habitual Snoozer

Buy Efinito Twin Bell Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers with Night Led Display - 5 Inches Online at Low Prices in India -

A good throwback look is always welcome. Retro analog clocks not only look the part -- simple and classic, they're also low in price and high in loudness. Win-win! This Efinito Twin Bell Alarm Clock is just that, old school with an awesome hammer beating and a twin bell. Plus, the lack of a snooze button is god sent! Habitual snoozers have no other choice but to get up and turn it off.

For The Lover Of Fine

Buy ASPERIA Digital LED Alarm Clock, Mirror Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers Kids Large LED Display with Snooze Time Temperature Function for Bedroom, Office, Travel Battery Powered & USB Powered (White) Online at Low Prices in India -

If you're someone who has an eye for all things good looking this sleek multifunctional digital clock is for you. It has a reflective mirror style, large LED display that shows time and temperature. It also has the snooze feature, night mode and mirror. Other features include gentle waking up (weak to strong sound), a USB cable plug in and two level brightness display among others. This clock makes for an elegant and practical gift too.

For The Nomad Buying Choices: Travelwey Digital Travel Alarm Clock - 12/24 Hour, Date, Snooze, Light, Black by Travelwey

Portability is the name of the game if you're a traveller and need a companion in your alarm clock. This Travelwey Digital Travel Alarm Clock is simple and intuitive with a gentle, effective alarm sound. It has a top button that you press to see time at night. It even fits in your pocket or any tiny space and just tells time, minus all the other fluff. 


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