Speak In Tongues: Best Apps To Download & Learn A New Language Today!

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Love language? No, we don't mean the language of love, we're talking about being fascinated about learning a new language from the thousands out there. This not only adds immense value to your resume, but also gets you to experience and explore a nation through its mother tongue, which is pretty awesome! Not to mention your communication skills and IQ is bound to improve. Now since you're at home, picking up on a new language is a great activity (and you're out of excuses) and so, we've put together a list of language learning apps that will help!


DuoLingo is one of the most dependable apps when it comes to learning a language the authentic way. Most courses here are created and offered by native speakers, this ensures accuracy regarding how the language is spoken today. Another feature that makes DuoLingo reign supreme is that it is not aimed solely at an English native speaker. For each of nearly 100 language courses, there is the option to select a course designed for those with a first language other than English.

Available On: iOS and Android

Price: Free


Putting the fun right into language learning is another free application, MemRise. Here you will find over 200 languages and the opportunity to improve those vocabulary skills through one thing we know best, Memes. Yes! Rather than flashcards that rely on recognition of vocabulary without context, MemRise uses memes (anyone can add their own!). You can follow fellow learners and compete with them for points as well as see how well you’re doing in a ranking for a particular course. It’s very motivating to outscore others!

Available On: iOS and Android

Price: Free (MemRise Pro is available at INR 700 a month)


Feel like you won't make it through without private tutoring? Then download LingualLift designed for more serious learners who want a complete language program with the guidance of a tutor. The benefits of the app with a teacher will help you ace everything from Russian to Hebrew. Expect the whole drill of homework, Q&A sessions, extra resources and a deep interest in grammar. This is great app for beginners as a subscription will give you access to their Language Learning Secrets book (which they are currently offering for free on their homepage) and a customized study plan called, A Road Map to Fluency. The courses are broken down into small 10 to 15 minute sections to keep things interesting and to ensure you have enough time to study a little every day.

Available On: Android

Price:  2 Week Free Trial, after which it is available at INR 2200 a month


We love the approach HelloTalk takes when it comes to treading the unexplored territory of learning a foreign language. Instead of self-guided lessons, you are connected with native speakers of the language you pick. Then it's as easy as talking. All you have to do is communicate conversationally using text and/or voice messages (you can pin conversations/important phrases). An in-app correction tool, also helps you make corrections to each other’s messages in real-time. There is also a translation tool to assist when you simply don’t know the right word to convey what you want to say (love this feature!). Presently, HelloTalk has over 1100 native languages and since it's so easy to access, you can clear doubts whenever one pops into your head. There's a killer bonus too! Using the app you can exchange doodles. So if you really run out of vocab, you can unleash your inner artist.

Available On: iOS and Android

Price: Free 


Babbel is a subscription based paid application and has only 15 languages available but its effective teaching techniques is what makes it a hit. Using the app you have access to multiple language learning techniques and the option to download lessons for offline study. While not all content is available in the free version of Babbel, it does include access to 40 free lessons, so even without investing money the app allows you to learn a fair amount of phrases. Each class starts with step-by-step teaching using pictures followed by building on conversation skills. Another feature we enjoy are the pop-ups that explain most important grammatical points related to the learned material and the desktop version includes short cultural notes.

Available On: iOS and Android

Price: 40 classes available on the Free version. Paid version starts at INR 530 a month


For a gamified language learning experience download Mindsnacks ASAP! The language learning fun is on a whole new level here. They teach just seven languages but each one of them come with eight or nine tiny games designed to help you learn vocabulary, grammar, practice your listening (woohoo!). Everything is game related! You learn a new simple concept? Test and practice it in  games! Even if you end mastering a skill you can always go back and play just to keep practising. The basic download is free, but it comes only with a restricted number of games. If you pay a few more bucks you can access more lessons and widen your game options.

Available On: iOS and on their official website

Price: 3 levels available for Free. Full version is for INR 380


This application offers full courses in 12 languages and in Busuu, an endangered language (only 8 native speakers in the world, super cool!). The app is free but to unlock special features and course materials you have to invest $17 a month. The app takes you through learning individual words to simple dialogues and questions about the dialogues all of which include audio where you can listen to native pronunciation. To make learning for engagement orientated, most lessons are organised in topical themes. One of Busuu’s unique features, that is only available in the premium version, is the ability to offer language mastery exams and certificates for varying levels of proficiency.

Available On: iOS and Android

Price: Free, Busuu Premium is available at INR 760 a month.


TripLingo is aimed at travellers who need to brush up on their language skills before that dream holiday in Mexico or a business trip to France. The app teaches and assists you enough that you will be able to survive in a foreign environment. You will be able to speak and be understood making your stay not only much richer culturally, but also less stressful. For you to sound as local as possible, the creators have included a slang slider that displays different levels of formal or casualty of each phrase so you can adjust it to the specific context you’re in. The lessons are divided into handy sections such as “safety phrases” or “business phrases”. The app's in-built voice translator renders your English in the foreign language as well. With the free version of the app you get access to about 15% of the resources and no audio, but it’s still a great and fun resource.

Available On: iOS and Android

Price: Free

(How to) Pronounce

So you already have knowledge on a specific language but it doesn't mean you're super proficient, right? There are words that you wouldn't understand or know how to pronounce. For example, you're ordering Italian food and you don't know what that salad is called or that specific cheese. That is where (How To) Pronounce comes handy! Although the app only supports a few basic languages now, in a very clever move it offers four of them in two varieties, so you have two options for: English, Spanish, Portuguese and French, plus Russian and Italian. This app is great for people who interact with clients from different nations on a short-term basis.

Available On: iOS 

Price: Free

Language Curry

If you're looking to ace Indian languages, make Language Curry your new bff! It's fun and engaging and hosts content created by experts. The app also has curated books on Indian culture and a service that provides translations in various Indian Languages. The classes are between 10 to 20 minutes long and come in levels of Basic, Intermediate and Expert. Each lesson has vocabulary and grammar exercise directly linked to the culture of the region. To avail of complete learning material you can always upgrade to the premium version of the application. 

Available On: iOS and Android

Price: Free


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